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DIR, GUE Summary ???
10-24-2005, 01:28 PM,
DIR, GUE Summary ???
??? Well I've read most of the topics on this forum, but I am a little confused. Can someone summarize what DIR and GUE is?? Its hard to follow the topics without a basic understanding of what you guys are discussing.

10-24-2005, 01:51 PM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
GUE stands for "Global Underwater Explorers".  They are a training organization (like PADI, IANTD, TDI, SSI, etc, etc).  However, they do not teach open water courses (beginner courses).  They teach cave, trimix and a class called "DIR Fundamentals".

DIR stands for "Doing It Right".  It is a diving philosophy based on the Hogarthian diving philosophy.  Hogarthian diving was started by Bill Main - it is a minimalist philosophy, designed to simplify gear choices and standardize gear configuration among dive group members.  DIR is a stricter Hogarthian style of diving. 

DIR Fundamentals is the course that teaches you the basics of the DIR style of diving. 

There is a difference in divers between "Hogarthian" and DIR.  I (and many others...) dive hogarthian.  We have the 7' hose, backplate/wings, we don't use console computers, we frog kick, we do out of air drills before each dive etc, etc.  But I learned how to do these sorts of things in my cave training.  We don't follow the "DIR" diving philosophy though, which as I said is just the hogarthian philosophy taken further.

Does that help?
10-26-2005, 06:39 AM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
also check out the DIR section of 's technical diving forum.  Theres lots of good information there.
10-26-2005, 12:08 PM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
So do they actually tell you what brand, style and color of equipment to buy?
And do they tell you what side of your body to place equipment regardless of if your right or left handed?
10-26-2005, 12:38 PM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
Brand/Color does not matter.

Where your gear is placed does, not matter right or left.  This is a "rule" in both Hogarthian and DIR diving.

A small brass SPG goes on your left - in DIR it's clipped at the waste, in others, it's on the chest.  Backup lights on your chest.  Bottom timer/compass on your right wrist.  Light clipped to your right waste and held in your right hand.

The gear configuration items are not only DIR, they are good "tech diving" common sense.  It's just how things are done.

A lot of people associate the brand Halcyon with DIR, but it's actually a misnomer that Halcyon gear is required to be DIR.  Any modern technical diving gear can be outfitted for the DIR way of diving - DiveRite, Halcyon, OMS, etc.  Certain brands are recommended (such as Scubapro regulators), but that's really only a strong suggestion.

Styles of gear are required - for example, a backplate with a continuous webbed harness.  No consoles, that sort of thing.  DIR does get a little more nitpicky about certain can see the continuous/non-continous webbing thread for a firsthand example of some of the debates Smile

And if anyone that is actually GUE trained wants to jump in and correct me if I'm wrong, feel free Smile 
10-26-2005, 01:52 PM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
Jason pretty much hit it on the head for answering your questions mud diver.  I would like to add that there is a whole lot more to DIR than just gear configuration.  That is probably the biggest topic that gets debate, therefore people automatically assume DIR is all about gear configuration.  The real focus is on the philosophy of safe diving and gear is a small part of that.

10-27-2005, 05:10 AM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
Thanks for the clarification. Is there a good website that summarizes the DIR rules (I see people mention them) and the philosophy. Not sure if I want to go the DIR route or not, but would like to investigate a little further what it is all about without taking a class (would be a waste of money if i dont agree with the philosophy, as it seems many people dont)
10-27-2005, 05:27 AM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???
You don't necessarily have to be a "DIR" diver to make use of the skills and ideals. Buy the "Fundamentals of DIR" book and check it out. Good reading for a winter night if nothing else.
10-27-2005, 07:08 AM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???

This page (from GUE's website) has soom good information on the equipment configuration as well as a good essay on DIR principles.  It makes for interesting reading.

As others have said, gear configuration is only one part.  Buddy awareness, emergency management and technique are the focus of the DIR-F class
10-27-2005, 08:06 AM,
Re: DIR, GUE Summary ???

The name "DIR", or "Doing It Right" originated with an editorial George Irvine wrote for a diving magazine entitled, "Do It Right, Or Don't Do It At All". Because of the many opinions on the matter, the whole DIR thing can get a little confusing at times. But I agree that the Jarrod Jablonski book is something you should read if you interested in the ins and outs of DIR. The book goes over some stuff you cannot find on the web (anymore at least, since the ENTIRE contents of this book used to be at the GUE site about 5 years ago). There is much you can read about it via forums on the Internet - especially at places like . However, it is important to realize that information presented via forums and such should be taken with a large grain of salt. I recommend a 40 or 50 pound salt lick while reading some of them.

Start with the fundamentals, and go from there. As such, here are some sites to get you started if you do not wish to fork over the $$ for Jablonski's book right away (although it is an excellent book for any SCUBA reference/training library). If you are looking for the philosophies and gear configurations within DIR here are some sites to hit.

George Irvine:

Jarrod Jablonski:

Gear configuration:

And for DIR put into perspective:

Hope this helps in making an informed decision...

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