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Moorings in
05-14-2012, 12:16 PM,
Moorings in
Got a start on things yesterday. Jason Dostal, Randy Wallander and I put the state bouy on the Baldwin and re-floated the sub float and added a new jug on the Crane. Will try to get the Dredge and the Hinton done next weekend and check on some of the others; Allen, Silver Lake, Gallinipper, Floretta, Simmons, Home. If you get out and see moorings that have sunk please try to get them re-floated. Particularly the Helvetia. We put a line and float on it late last summer but it was no longer on the surface last fall.

In case you're wondering about conditions, vis was crappy down to about 60-70 ft but cleared up nicely after that...probably 30-40 ft on the crane and 20 on the Baldwin. Water temps about 45 @ 75' and below. There was a nice little thermocline at about 25' warming to 48-50 degrees.


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