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Our World Underwater
02-19-2012, 05:50 PM,
Our World Underwater
Just got back from OWU. Worth the trip, but the same thing as Ghost Ships. Just a little larger with more vendors. I met Chris Brown of TDS. Who knew he was English? I wouldn't have guessed. Listened to Greg Such give a presentation on VGM, which was informative but a little over my head. There wasn't a whole lot of time so I didn't get to ask the questions I would have liked. However, I spoke with Greg afterwards and he insisted that I think of all my questions, stop by the shop and ask them in person. He said he'd be willing to answer them all. Pretty cool thing for him to do, I think. Jerry and the Len-der are not running the "all you can dive for $500" this year. Instead, he's offering 10 dives for $375, which is still a smokin' deal. I also got to speak with Ron Benson, who I've known through the internet but now got to meet him in person.

All in all, it was a worth while trip and a good reason to get out of the house on a February morning.

Anyone else go? What'd you think?

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02-20-2012, 08:14 AM,
Re: Our World Underwater
I really enjoy this show as people from far and wide come together, in both geography and politics Wink it's run quite well.  It was nice to meet so many old friends and meet new one. Now let's go diving


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