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Haigh Quarry
12-19-2011, 10:07 AM,
Haigh Quarry
I wanted to thank Mike again from Dive Rite In Scuba for organizing a special dive day at Haigh Quarry, it was a blast!!  I was teased with 50 ft visibility and air temps in the high 40's, and when I awoke to 25 degrees and snow....????  But the skies were clear and sunny, the temp did get into the high 40's and visibility started out excellent!  They had Hollis and DiveX scooters to demo, a variety of dive gear and suits that divers were testing too.  I was riding my Dive X Cuda 650 and shooting pics of a group of tech students practicing for an upcoming Trimix class this spring.

Also thank you to Michal and the tech divers who tolerated the flash in the face frequently ;-0  I wish I could have caught the paddlefish on one of the group pictures, but it was just out of the frame.

Great day to go diving and I look forward to the Trimix class starting this spring


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