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Rebreather Seminar & Pool Demo
03-26-2011, 08:27 AM,
Rebreather Seminar & Pool Demo
Closed Circuit Rebreather
Seminar & Pool Demo

Come join us as we explore the world of SILENT DIVING!

April 9th

CCR Seminar: 9am -1pm
CCR Assembly & Prep: 3pm-5pm
CCR Pool Dives:  5pm – 8pm

$50 per person,
and upon completion of the pool diving you will receive a $50 Underwater Connection Gift Certificate!

So the Seminar/Pool Dive is essentially FREE!

We will start with an informative seminar by the renowned rebreather expert, Ron Benson.  Ron will be covering the pros & cons of a CCR, how they work, the different models out there, and of course, try to answer any questions you may have!  Then we will take a lunch break, assemble & prep the CCRs, and tehn head to the pool to dive with the Closed Circuit Rebreathers…NO MORE BUBBLES!  We plan on having up to 5 closed circuit rebreathers available for this seminar including the Titan, Inspiration, Evolution, and REVO rebreathers!

We will also have the Hollis SMS100 Sidemount System for you to test dive when you are not diving one of the rebreathers!

Call us today to reserve your spot!  262-251-8283
04-04-2011, 03:33 PM,
Re: Rebreather Seminar & Pool Demo
2 spots left!  Call us today to reserve your spot for this weekend's CCR Demo!

04-11-2011, 07:22 PM,
Re: Rebreather Seminar & Pool Demo
It was a fantastic event and thank you, John, Chris and Jon for all the help and support.  And thanks to all the divers who drove from out state, you are dedicated.  I think the format this time with the morning classroom, afternoon rebreather assembly, and early evening pool was a lot of fun and great learning experience for the divers.  Group size at 12 was perfect as everyone got hands on time to build the rebreathers and gonzo time in the pool with all the units.  Let’s do it again soon!


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