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Congratulations New rEvo CCR Diver Cory
01-24-2010, 10:23 PM,
Congratulations New rEvo CCR Diver Cory
Congratulations to Cory who just completed his cross over from evolution ccr to the rEvo Mini III ccr.  Cory was able to master the manual rebreather in no time at all and was very impressed with how durable it is, yet so easy to set up and simple to maintain.  As a very avid travel diver Cory will be diving his rig from the Caribbean to south Pacific islands and when not tropical, you will see him on several of the deep tech wrecks in Michigan, Superior and Huron.  Cory chose the Shearwater electronics package as his PPO2 display and deco computer, as well as the stock rEvodream monitor/HUD.

We just completed the dives in Key Largo, and had a great time diving the Spiegel Grove, with 90 minute and 60 minute bottom times as well as some shallow reefs.  The reefs are loaded with tons of lobsters and Goliath groupers who like to cuddle...and if you haven't seen the SG, its a great artificial reef ship wreck that has been strategically cut in several spots to allow access /exits for diver penetration.

And thanks to Chris and the gang at Silent World for the great dives, and rebreather support!

Good Diving


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