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Sturgeon Spawning
04-28-2009, 09:38 AM,
Sturgeon Spawning
I went in to try shooting HD video of the sturgeon spawning at Shawano.  Viz was around 18" with 3 gates open.  I went in by the DNR tagging crew under the bridge.  I got around 5 fish in 45 min of footage.  If I had 5-10' viz, I could of had much more.  Largest one tagged, that I heard of, was 80".  I had one swim thru my legs while kneeling on the bottom. :o  The only bad part is I had a leak in the housing, but luckily the camera stayed dry. 

Rules for underwater filmingSadthis is what the tagging crew allowed me to do)

1. You may sit in a spot where they will come through.

2. You may not chase the fish.  Film only what swims up to you.

3. You may not touch the fish at any time.  The only touching allowed is if they swim into you.  But do not reach down and try to move them off.

4. If anything seems like it spooks them, you must leave the area.

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DEW >&ltWink)>
04-28-2009, 10:35 AM,
Re: Sturgeon Spawning
Sounds fun. You should get over there late fall before the ice. Last time I was up there they were laying on the bottom like logs. Visibility was around 8-10 ft and we had no trouble seeing them.

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