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Cave Diving Photos - Ginnie Springs 12/08
12-09-2008, 01:19 PM,
Cave Diving Photos - Ginnie Springs 12/08
Here are a few pictures Jay Loftus and I took last week in Florida. These were all taken at Ginnie Springs in High Springs, FL.

[Image: Jay%20in%20Gallery.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20tying%20jump.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20swimming%20up%20line.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20reeling%20up.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20up%20Hill%20400.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20through%20Keyhole.jpg]

[Image: Jay%20through%20Lips.jpg]

[Image: Pink%20about%20to%20go%20through%20Keyhole.jpg]

[Image: Pink%20003.jpg]

[Image: Looking%20out%20the%20Eye.jpg]

I have some of Little River in another thread.

John Schrader
Technical Diver

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