Full Version: upcoming trips
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OK it is cold and snowy and I have diving on my mind. Any one have have any exciting trips planned?

We are heading to Antony's Key Resort in March after several trips to Cozumel. Any one have any advice? Favorite dive sites there?
I haven't been to Roatan yet. My advice is to dive as much as you can, be safe, and have fun! Let us know how your trip goes.
I am going down to Bonne Terre Mine for the first time in April to do 4 dives. I hope this turns out to be a fun time. Anyone ever been there?
Back from the Roatan trip mostly safe and sound. 20 boat dives in 6 days and a beautiful resort. Daughter got a nasty sting from a box jellyfish on the neck during a night dive that caused her difficulty breathing. 2 trips to the doctor and a shot $29!

Would I go again yep sure would but would most likely stay in West End or west bay in a hotel or condo and dive with one of the local shops. Thinking about Utila in September.

Working on my videos here is a short example of the diving: