Full Version: Shoreline Resort Air Compressor Sold
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I ran into a young man at Pebble Beach (Door Co.) yesterday. He said he recently purchased the air compressor from Jim Robinson. He said they are now looking at a boat for a dive charter busness to be located out of Baileys Harbor.
Good.  Keep us posted.
Jim's  in he is out,Last weekend his boat was loaded with divers at the Shoreline resort and the Gals was the Skip, 
See his web site for operator info,,,
and there are other (2) dive boats at Gills Rock out of his site,so WOW seems like Door will have lots of dive  boats! now if some one can just get the sites Moored as Jim use too!
  Air Fills would be nice too even though its a short trip down to Green Bay or a Private fill station in Sturgeon for me.
Keep us posted to the new Opps name and boat information.